5/30: A Napkin Walks Into a Bar...

Time for a field trip.  Go to a bar (or imagine you've gone to one, it's okay to cheat if you can't head out right now).  Grab a napkin.

Drink a bit.  Look around (or imagine you're looking around, whatever).  Make sure you have a pen (I should have mentione this earlier).

Feel free to eavesdrop, or invent a conversation.  Maybe have somebody walk into your imaginary bar and start a conversation.

Write a piece around this conversation or your reaction to it (or hell, your lack of conversation... is there any lonelier place to be alone than a bar?).

Join the ranks of bar-writing and inhabiting poets, from the Great Romantics to Ginsberg to Bukowski.

Make sure your poem fits on the napkin.  Both sides are okay.  You can be inventive and unfold the napkin and write too, if you need to, but the point is to condense and compress.  Pack everything you can into fewer and fewer words.


Take a look at Moiran Egan's Bar Napkin Sonnet #18.  Bonus points for using a form on a bar napkin (more points if it's a Grahamku) but go crazy.  Have fun.