22/30: Are My Roots Showing?

So many of us move around, not just from city to city or state to state, these days, but different countries, different social circles.  Even for those who stay near where they grew up, places change radically in many cases.  Look at the rise of the internet and how it's literally transformed the world around us.

Imagine yourself in a situation where your "roots" show.  Whether that's your accent, some pre-conception you have from the time and place you grew up, or something else entirely.  Maybe you flash back to the orange groves and strawberry fields that used to make up this city street.  Perhaps your grandfather shows up with his sack of strawberries on his back while you're out at dinner.  Maybe it's your family from back East showing up at your new place of work with their own opinions about your co-workers and why you deserve to be in charge... and they begin to tell everyone why.

It doesn't need to be literal.  Feel free to get fanciful or wander off the page with how this transpires.  Let your mind wander in the poem, taking the worst case scenario before coming back to reality.  Or finding out reality is much worse than you could have imagined.

Take a look at One Year after My Move to California, I Jell-O Wrestle My Texan Past in a Dream by Anna Journey.  Then go write.