24/30: All Fun and Games

Begin with a list of games you loved as a child, whether those are board games, schoolyard activities, things you did around the neighborhood, or even around your own house.  Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Hide and Seek, Marco Polo, Operation, Go Fish, Charades.

Write a poem using something from one of those games as a stepping off point.  It can be an image or specific activity related to the game, like the patient from Operation, or the color coordinated cars and people from the Game of Life.  The fact many Monopoly games used Free Parking as a slush fund for taxes and handed them out for landing there.  Maybe the senseless fun of Hungry Hungry Hippos, or the artwork from the Star Wars Board Game.

You can take it a step further if you like.  Imagine yourself in the game, trapped there, or basking in the weirdness of Candy Land.  Throw some ideas against the wall and see what sticks.  Keep throwing until you find something that sparks you to start.

Check out Caroline Cabrera's Everything Worth Saving is Saved at Body Literature.  You have to scroll down a little... it's the second poem.