26/30: Accentuate the Negative

Start with a list of places or situations where people are negative.  Where there's a bad or condescending or angry vibe.  Doesn't need to be open hostility, it can be more of the simmering variety, but try to make your list range from one extreme to another.  Reach for places where you can feel the hate, or you spy it peeking out from under the crisp, white napkins.  Soccer matches, hipster gatherings, courtrooms, jail.

Write a poem in one of those places or situations.  It can affect you, or you can react to it.  Push forward, pull away, mark your territory or fly the bird.  Set the scene and explore.  See how it affects you as you write.

Take a look at WHEN AT A CERTAIN PARTY IN NYC by Erin Belieu over at TheThe Poetry (no, that wasn't a typo... it's really TheThe Poetry).