30/30: Woooo!!!!!

First off, if you've gotten this far, congratulations.  Almost there.

Now it's time to have a little fun and celebrate.

Make a list of things you like.  Things you think are maybe underappreciated, or just make you smile.  They don't need to be as serious as your spirit animal, or the love of your life.  Let them be silly exclamation points to your day.  Choose a pony, or the minions as a whole.  Maybe unicorns, or yeti, or the peculiar sound your toothbrush makes when you drop it in the water.  Your favorite latte, or perhaps your favorite crayon color.

Write either a praise poem, or a poem which celebrates this item, thing or person in some way.  Perhaps contrast it or them with something else, or go traditional and make an ode.  Get glittery sparkly firework happy with it.  You're done.

Take a look at Ha Ha Unicorns by Eileen G'Sell at verse daily, or In Praise of Bic Pens by David Hilton.  Bask.