1/30: Things We Cannot Have

Let's start with a list of things we can't have.  Be specific about what they are.  Love, or the love of (insert name here)?  Happiness, or for the dog to clean up it's own poop when you take it for a walk?  Be inventive.  Be specific.  Trangressive desires are okay, but not necessary.  Write down at least 5 before you choose one.  Drill down into the idea of what you'd like but can't get... don't be afraid to reach for the fantastical or whimsical.

Now choose the one with the creative friction, or the one that surprised you as you wrote it down.  Maybe the one that made you laugh a little as you admitted wanting it.  You know the one.  If you don't see one that fits any of these criteria, go back and start adding to the list until you find one that does.


Now, imagine what it would be like to have it.  Or at least to brush up against the thing (again, it doesn't have to be dirty... but if that's where you took it... live with yourself and write the poem anyways, Graham).  If it's beyond the ability for you to actually have (butterfly wings?  the ability to control time?  a really good naugahyde divan?), it's okay.  We all find ways to have things which are impossible in our dreams.  Go with the flow and have it.  Live it up.  Step inside the thing.  Live inside it.  Make it yours.


Write until you find an ending that surprises you, asks a question, or you find yourself back at the beginning, realizing you don't have it.  How did it affect you?  Do you want it more now?  Are you surprised by how it let you down?  Maybe you found something new to want?


Check out He Said Discipline is the Highest Form of Love by Beckian Fritz Goldberg over at Blackbird.  Welcome to 30/30 for 2015.