2/30: A New Kind of Love

Okay, so let's talk about love.  No, change that... let's talk about love poems.  They're kinda like love songs, aren't they?  Oh kissy kissy, smoochy smoochy, rhymey rhymey, pukey pukey, right?

So, what can we do to change that?

First, let's make a list of things you don't normally hear people talk about when loving somebody.  Eyelashes.  Body odor.  The little bit of drool coming out of their mouth as they sleep.

Or a list of things we say we love (whether in a romantic way, or just in casual conversation).  I love your hat!  I love that dress!  I love the way you handle (insert jerk's name here).

Write down at least 5 things.  Maybe more.  Again, the farther you reach, the better.

Now write a love poem, but while you're writing it, make sure to describe the thing you're in love with, or things around it.  Go overboard.  Compare it to unusual things.  Make the thing you're talking about glorious.  Go so far afield in your comparisons or metaphors that you need to remind yourself that you're writing a love poem.  Or go so far you completey forget about the love poem and go drown in the sea of metaphors you're creating.

Either way, have fun.


Check out Aaron Belz' poem The Love-Hat Relationship.  Or go swimming with Jeffrey McDaniel in his far flung poem, The Jerk.