4/30: Transformation

Today, we want to talk about change, or more specifically, about the times we know we are different from other people around us.

It can happen at different times.  During our teen years, we tend to notice it a lot, or when we go through major changes in life, like job changes, or graduations and re-locations.  Just an awareness of our lives and what's involved.

So, make a list of people who either undergo change, or come to a moment of recognition that they're... different, somehow.  You can go historical, mythological, fantastical, whatever (superheroes are okay, too).  Superman, any of the spawns of the greek/roman gods (so many of them... Zeus sure got around), ghosts, redcaps, Harry Potter (hey, he's no Muggle, and no ordinary boy wizard, right?), Johnny Appleseed, any greek/roman figures who got transformed somehow (Medusa, Achilles, Narcissus), or whatever else you can think.  I'd love to see a young Phillip Marlowe poem, myself.  Or Loki.

Now, write a poem examining their differences and the process where they discover them.  Are they obvious or more subtle?  Do they change their life for the better or worse?  What caused these changes?  Explore until the poem surprises you.


Check out Patricia Smith's gorgeous poem Medusa.  Transformation and then some.  Damn.