05/30: Hopalong, Lil' Bunny!

Hop, hop, hop!Hoppy Easter, everyone!

Today, we're going to write about BUNNIES!  Cute fuzzy, wuzzy, BUNNIES, everyone!

Wook at dat cute widdle BUNNY over there and write a poem about him.  It'll be soooo cute!  His friends are flowers!  And he can dance!  Just look at him, you can tell he can dance, can't you?

Awwww, I know these are going to be the best poems ever, because they're about BUNNIES!!!!

Feel free to rhyme.


...or... I guess we could write about forgiveness.

I mean, we could make a list of people who maybe in your mind, don't really deserve to be forgiven.  Or people who have been wronged.  Epically wronged.  Beyond the everyday betrayals and rumormongering we talk about on Facebook all the time.  Backchannel, I mean.  Or whatevs.  Let's talk about Job, Bret Hart (see the Montreal Screwjob for details), Nikolai Tesla... or hell, talk about yourself.  I'm sure we've all been wronged in some pretty epic ways in our past.  Or that bunny and his flower buddies.

Now write a poem about them dealing with forgiveness.  Either the wronger is asking for forgiveness, or the wronged is considering forgiving their trespassers.  Maybe somebody has told them to make up.  Maybe this poem is about forgivness, but doesn't really forgive.

Take a look around, see what you dredge up and what you or the speaker in your poem thinks about forgiveness.


Check out The Powwow at the End of the World by Sherman Alexie.  Then we can talk about forgiving.