8/30: Welcome to the Real World

Kind of a mix-and-match today.

Let's start with a list of fictional or mythical characters or beings.  Folk lore, faerie tales, whatever you like, hopefully something larger than life or with a fantastical twist to it.  Odysseus, Cinderella, the Big Bad Wolf, etc.

Now, find a way to put them into the modern world.  Fill out a resume for them in first person.  Write a numbered series of Tweets from them, telling a story about their life (or retell their actual story in Tweets).  Have Odin call IT for help with his email.  Maybe Zeus keeps causing blackouts.  Dionysus on Spring Break.  King Arthur at the Iowa Straw Poll.  Queen Guinevere in Divorce Court.  Both of them in Marriage Counseling.

Take your time.  Have fun.


Check out The Huntsman's Resum√© by Angela Vogel.