9/30: A Guy Walks Into a Bar...

...and says "Ow."


So, let's talk about jokes.  Specifically, let's talk about them as entryways to a poem.

We all know more than a couple of truly awful jokes.  The question is, how do we use one as a launching pad into a poem.

Could we extend the story, carry it on into a story?  Two guys walk into a bar, then two more guys joined them.  They did something poetric.

Or maybe it's a framework for commentary about the joke?  Two guys walk into a bar.  Now, why would they do that?  It's a Friday night, didn't they have somewhere more poetic to go?

Maybe it reminds you of a story from your past.  Two guys walk into a bar.  I once walked into a bar in Johannesburg...

Find a joke.  Think about it for a while.  See how you can explore it and turn it inside out, make it rise above its humble origins.


Check out Love Explained by Jennifer Michael Hecht.  Ba-dum-tish.