10/30: A Word of Advice

Ever notice that when something happens (good or bad), everybody seems to have a word of advice to give you?

Is it ever good advice?

Think about a time when you were given some advice.  Or when something happened and you remembered advice someone had given you, or even you recalled what the "societal norm" was and either decided to adhere to it, or break it.  Funerals, break-ups, car crashes, bankruptcies, weddings.  All invite some sort of advice to come crawling out of the woodwork.

Or smaller, simpler things.  Buying a car, shopping for a new dress.  The Blue Screen of Death.  New strategies in video games.

How did the advice make you feel.  Did it make you notice people around you following or going against the advice?  Did you feel removed from society or a deeper part of it?

Was it a quick snapshot in time that you just recalled, or did it actually do something to or for you in the long run?

Go write your poem.  No more advice needed.


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