11/30: What We Don't Know

Today we're going to invent something from very little.

Find a person, or group of people.  Watch them for a few minutes.  Try to stay distant from them, so if they're having a conversation you won't quite be able to overhear what they're saying.  Notice how they interact, soak up some details.

Now, invent a scene for them.  Some backstory.

Perhaps you can invent their conversation, or spin out reasons for what they're doing.

Now, raise the stakes.  If you're thinking they're arguing, take it to the next level.  They're arguing over money laundering.  Or test results.  Maybe one is a scientist and discovered something that will change the world.

Show the reasons things don't spin out of control.  Or do they spin out of control?

Feel free to invent their inner monologue, social tics, or whatever else you need to make the story emerge.


Check out Table Conversation of Two People I Can't Hear by Robert King.