13/30: I Want a Pony!

We all have irrational needs from time to time.  What is yours?

Would you like a clone to help you finish your work, or take care of the dishes, laundry and trash?  Maybe a robot secretary to handle paperwork at the office.  A pony.  No, really... a pony.

It doesn't need to make sense, or even be very useful when all is said and done.  If you could have one thing, right now... what would it be?

Write a poem about the thing.  Does it really serve any purpose?  Does it make your life better?  Solve all your problems?  Or does the pony follow you around at work and start to chew on cables?  Does the clone start taking over your life and living it better than you do?  Maybe the robot secretary talks to you and demands its freedom.  It is, after all, a sentient being.

Explore the thing you want and whether it meets, falls short or exceeds your expectations.


Read Where Is My Wife? by Kathryn Starbuck.