15/30: More Fun Than a Barrel Full of...

Did you say MONKEYS?

It's okay, we can work with monkeys.  Or giraffes.  Parrots are good, too.

Think of any kind of animal, preferably something with some cuteness factor.

Don't limit yourself to animals either.  Fictional beasties aren't bad either.

Make a list.  Take your time.  Find something you haven't written about before.  Like monkeys.  Or lampreys.  Hobgoblins.  Leprechauns.  Satyrs.  Socially progressive Republicans.  Ewoks.  Gremlins (don't get them wet!).  Bears!

Now, imagine a way to gather a few of them together.  It could be a barrel, or an island.  Maybe an abandoned farmhouse.  A log cabin in the woods.  Salty Pete's Canoe School.  The Templeton Institute of Higher Learning for the Mystically Inclined.  Whatever.

Now tell a story involving your animals, beasts, whatevers.  Give them all things they do or react to... feel free to have them doing things they might not normally be "able" to do.  Maybe the are throwing pots on the wheel and getting the kiln fired up for the afternoon's pottery making.  The penguins could be astronomers, taking calculations and charting the skies.  Maybe your parrots are riding out an ethereal storm in their airship?

Abandon logic and let the poem build its own dream logic.  Build an internal sense of what's going on.  Make sweeping statements that almost sound true.  Remember that in every crowd, there's always a trouble-maker, or somebody who longs to rise above the crowd, leave behind the simple giraffe munitions factory, where they're expected to spend the rest of their lives.

Have fun.  Go hog wild (ooh, hogs are good, too).

Say yes to what the poem is asking you.


Take a peep at Monkey Island by Kathleen McGookey.  Say her name out loud.  Fun, isn't it?