18/30: Let's Talk About Our Problems

We are officially in the dog days of April.  The part where we start really slogging through the writing, or the catching up on the writing, if you're anything like me.

The euphoria of "Hey, Ma!  Look, I'm writing poetry!" should be long gone by now.  If it's not... well... congratulations, Sparky.  Go write about nature.

For the rest of us, it's time to address some problems.


What's bothering you?  The repetition of using so many small words like "a", "the", "he", "she"?  Getting blisters on your typing fingers (heh... all five... go, you!)?  Got a case of the blahs?  What about your neighbors?  Are they too loud?  Too nosy?  Bad knee?  Bad knees?  Feeling gassy, maybe?

Make a list.  I'm sure you've got something eating at you.  Make a long list.  Be specific about your problems.  Keep going.  Make your list as long as you like, but remember... we only have 12 more days to go, so don't take the entire weekend working on your list.

Pick one (or more).

Address your problems directly.  Head on.  Face first.  Both guns blazing.

Get angry.  Get sassy.  Get even.

Appeal to your problems.  Reason with them.  Plan your revenge.  Give it an ultimatum.  Gather up your friends and family and hold an intervention.

Whatever you do, do it face to face and be honest with your problem(s).  It's about time to bury the hatchet.

In its skull.


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