21/30: My Life

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you'd gotten that degree in economics?

Or maybe if you'd been a lawyer, or a doctor?

What if you'd gone into football, or been a rugby star?

Better yet, what would your life be like if you'd been a gaseous molecule in another galaxy?

Or a cartridge of toner at Fry's?  A cold mug of beer in Houston, Texas?  An entire herd of cattle in Montana?

More subtly, what if you'd been a virtuoso whistler?  Or a passable juggler?  Maybe life would be completely different if you'd had blue eyes.

What would life be like if you'd been born during the height of the Roman Empire?  What if you were on the complete opposite side of the world from the Roman Empire?

Life as a blue whale.  Or as plankton.  As a theater building in Detroit from its heyday to complete and utter abandon today.

Yeah.  Go crazy.  Pick something and write your alternate life.  Or wonder what it would have been like.


Check out My Life as a Hummer by Terrance Hayes.  Hum along, it's okay.