22/30: Something Linguistic

We're in the home stretch now.  At least we are if you've been keeping up (unlike um... me).

I suppose it's time we talked about language.

If you've been writing this far into the month, then you should have a pretty good grasp on what you can do with language.

So now, it's time to ask what we can't do with language.  What can't we put into words?  What limits do we have with the written or spoken word?

Is there another language that would help you communicate?  A foreign language, or maybe one you invent on your own?

Write a poem dealing with language, its limitations, or the wish to find a way to communicate.  Feel free to invent an internal logic within the poem to have it make 'sense.'  You can invent words or languages or whatever it takes to get the point across.


Check out What Language by J.P. Dancing Bear.