23/30: Changing the World

Technology has given us a plethora of ways to change the world around us.  Yeah, that sentence was an excuse to use the word plethora.  Deal with it.

Too hot?  Air conditioning.  Too cold?  Turn on the heater.  Bored?  Surf Facebook for updates on what people you kinda sorta know are eating today and watch the flame wars rage on.  Remote controls mean we don't even have to get up to flip through a thousand channels of absolutely nothing we want to see.  Youtube has cat videos and skiing squirrels.  Hope in the car.  Hop on a plane.

What other ways can you change your world?  Change your clothes, change your perspective?  Change your attitude and live like Shaft?

Find a way to change your life.  Or at least make the attempt.

Does the action you choose really change anything?  Or does it just make you think you're changing?  Does it slant the way you look at your life?

What further effects can it have on you?  What do you find once you make the attempt to change?  Hope, frustration, loss?

Think through a few options before you choose one and begin.

Dig a little deeper before you start typing.  Find something that worries you to write about.


Take a look at “There is a button on the remote control called FAV...” by Claudia Rankine.  Exhale and begin.