24/30: Mercy Street

Think of a place from your past.

Childhood home.  Summer camp.  Grandmother's or cousin's house.  The lake your family visited during the summers.  The hallway in your friend's house where you thought it would be funny to paint hidden messages while helping to put down a base coat because nobody would ever know, only to find out how wrong you can be (not based on a true story.. nope, don't think it is).  The backseat of the camaro.  The dark alley between the street you lived on and the main boulevard in town.

What made you think of this place?  Did something special, whether wonderul or tragic, happen there?  Did you see something there?

Picture it and fill the details in your memory.  What did it smell like, what colors were there, what did you hear?  Populate the areas around it.

Now imagine yourself going back there again.

Is it easy to find or hard?  Is it even there anymore?  What if the house burned down, or the alley is now in the center of a Wal-Mart?

You tell me.

Find out what's the same and what's changed.

Discover what it is that brings you back to this place after all these years.


Look at 45 Mercy Street by Anne Sexton.