26/30: Ain't No Thang

Think of an item that you own, one you maybe haven't used or worn or dealt with in a while.

Skinny jeans, old sneakers, out of date computers, back issues of your favorite (or once-favorite) magazine.  The lucky dice from your college D&D campaign.

Why do you keep them around?  Hoping to fit into those jeans or that dress again someday?  Can't get rid of the last ties to your glorious Paladin's adventures?

Now dig deeper.  Why do you really hold onto the item(s)?  What's the core behind your inability to get rid of it?  Longing for your youth?  Fear of growing old and being replaced in your significant other's eyes?  A belief your best days are behind you and you're just counting time before the end?  Feel free to wonder out loud and wander until you find the real answer while writing your poem.  Keep digging.  It's there somewhere.


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