28/30: The Bogeyman and Other Visitors

What lurks around the corner, or in the closet?  Under the bed, or maybe in the sky?

Think of unknown creatures or urban legends.  What's rumored to be out there?  The Loch Ness Monster?  Aliens?  Ghosts?

If you have a problem thinking of one, visit Snopes and be prepared to never sleep again.

Write a poem about one of these, but think of how you might greet the unknown.

What if you invited them in?  Maybe baked a cake for the monsters under your bed.  Sat down with Sasquatch and celebrated his birthday.  What a cute party hat, Sasquatch!

What if you wrote a series of poems for the killer lurking in the backseat of your car?  Wrote a bunch of haikus for him in your rearview mirror and they were the only thing keeping you live.

Invite the Bogeyman in for a game of Charades.  Do they come in, or are you just putting yourself out there and hoping they really do exist?


Checkity Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Matthew Rohrer