29/30: El Grande!

This is known as the Michael Bay meets Merchant-Ivory prompt.

Start with something larger than yourself.  Something immense yet tangible.  Not so large that it can't be comprehended, but big enough that it starts to boggle your mind a bit.

Blue whales.  Battleships.  Godzilla.  Redwoods.  Mount Everest.  The moon.  (this is the Michael Bay part)

Now, imagine whatever it is you've chosen intruding on your life, only without fireworks or grand entrances, just a hint of the immense grandiosity (this is the Merchant-Ivory part).  Godzilla walks past your mountain cabin, marked only by the shuddering of the tea cups on your shelves.  A blue whale appears in your quiet mountain lake, but all you see is the swell of water, the breaking of suddenly larger waves.  A comet lands somewhere in the distance, so quiet you can scarcely hear it over the whispering wind.

Write it.  A whisper of a shout.


Tree by Jane Hirshfield.  So polite.