30/30: THE END.

This is it.  No more.  Last poem.  Nothing to see here, move along.

Oh, right.  First, we need a final prompt.

In the interest of mainting plausible deniability, let's talk about something which did not happen.  Let's make it something that would be really be something to talk about if it did, actually, occur.

Let's not talk about the plane landing on the freeway.  Or the affair you didn't have.  We'll avoid the subject of the tattoo you didn't have removed with a laser last weekend (where exactly wasn't it located?).  You didn't hit somebody with your car and there isn't a familiar looking spectral figure following you around, is there?

Why exactly aren't we talking about it?  Is it something embarassing?  Hard to believe?  Would it end your career or marriage if it did actually occur?

Pick your subject and write around it.  Either drop hints about it, or directly deny what happened.

See what writing it this way does to your poem and to how you approach it.

It might be humorous, or it could be the key to write about something you've been trying to avoid writing about.


Take a look at [There is no ghost in this house.] by Cynthia Marie Hoffman.  Because there isn't one.  Nope.  Not at all.