July 20th, 2016: Matthew William Rouse

mattMatt Rouse lives in Orange County. He started out his poetry career in the slam scene, even attending the National Poetry Slam as part of the Chico CA slam team one year in the late 1990s. He can’t remember which. After a life of sex, drugs and performance poetry caught up with him and bit him in the rear, Rouse took a fifteen year smoke break. Recently returning to form; he has found that his booming voice, theatre experience and the philosophy of “drink a lot of coffee and read it really fast” has brought him victories in spoken word contests and praise for his innovative and interactive poetry. Sometimes he writes things down. His work has been published online at culturedvultures.com and on themetaworker.com. His first chapbook “the Final Word” was published in June of 2016. He has two muses; Lois and Bonnie. They are his greatest works of Poetry.