July 27th, 2016: Wendy Rainey & Curtis Hayes

Wendy Rainey

WendyWendy Rainey’s poem, “Girlie Show” (published by Chiron Review) received a Special Mention for important work published by small presses in the 2016 Pushcart Prize XL Best Of The Small Presses. She is the author of Hollywood Church: Short Stories And Poems (Vainglory Press, 2015). A selection of her short stories is featured in Hiram Charles Sims’ textbook, These Pages Speak (World Stage Press 2016). Her work has appeared in Silver Birch Press, Chiron Review, Dryland Literary Journal, and Carnival Literary Journal among other places. She is the founding poetry editor of Cultural Weekly, and is a contributing poetry editor on Chiron Review.

Curtis Hayes

CurtisCurtis Hayes has worked in sawmills, greasy spoons, and as a grip, gaffer, set builder and camera assistant in film productions. He’s been a truck driver, boat rigger and a screenwriter in both television and cinema. His work has been featured in Chiron Review, Cultural Weekly and other small presses.