August 3rd, 2016: Eric Von Mizener

Eric von Mizener has never been a pastor or worship leader. He’s never been a deacon or an elder. He never attended seminary or a Christian college. Nor has he ever drawn a check from a church or ministry. He is not a “professional Christian.” And that’s the point. God’s grace is not just for the religious elite. It is also for the rest of us, the spiritual back-benchers worshiping in the pews, volunteering in the church, praying with their families at home and, like von Mizener, even for those among the sheep who have gone astray.

A Pushcart Prize-nominated poet, he sold his first script to network television when he was 18. Receiving a BA in English from Cal State San Bernardino and a Master of Professional Writing from USC, he currently serves as arts commissioner for the city of Moreno Valley, California. He also founded the Cayman Islands Film Festival, organized poetry readings throughout southern California and has appeared on local and national radio and television, including a piece for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno taped at the Maui Writers Conference. He attends St. Luke Antiochian Orthodox Church in Garden Grove, CaliforniaEric!