October 5th, 2016: Mani Suri

Mani SuriMani Suri, a native of Calcutta, India, resides in California, USA, and is a veteran of the Poetic License crowd in L.A. He is the author of three chapbooks, “Poetry My Wife Hates and the Mistresses I Could Have Had Would Have Loved,” “Reflection: More Poetry My Wife Hates or the Mistresses I'll Never Have Who Might Have Loved It,” and “Poetry My Wife Hates: Third in a Series.” Mani has read, been published in on-line and print anthologies; he has been featured in Southern California, as far away as Berkeley, Austin, and London. He co-hosted the weekly reading at the Rapp Saloon in Santa Monica for eight years. Mani has also been performing some stand-up comedy at Flappers in Burbank, The Comedy Store on Sunset, and The Viper Room in West Hollywood.