May 3rd, 2017: Keayva Mitchell, Beth Marquez & Mahsa Hosseini

"Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge." --Patches O'Houlihan
Words matter. After 100 days of mangled truth, it's vital to reclaim our languauge and remind ourselves that words have meaning. What we say makes a difference. Truth still matters.
Three fearless poets will grace our stage and raise their voices, focused on poems of resistance and speaking truth to power.

mahsaMahsa Hosseini

Mahsa Hosseini is a student of life. She is immensely curious and has a long-standing relationship with words and languages. She’s studied English literature, poetry, Persian and Arabic at UCLA and holds an MFA in creative writing in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. She’s lived and studied in Iran and Morocco. A consummate traveler, she’s taken a bus from New York to Santa Ana (it was rough and 3 days long), as-well-as a bus from Tehran to Istanbul (not as rough and 2 days long). Her poetry examines relational dynamics, whether it be between words or people. She is constantly thinking about how these dynamics form and inform our reality.

Beth!Beth Marquez

Beth Marquez has been reading and writing poetry for over 20 years. She hosted the once infamous Java Gardens poetry reading in Huntington Beach and was published in The Ugly Mug, Valley of the Contemporary Poets, and Moon Tide Press anthologies. More recently, her poems were selected for the Damfino literary journal’s debut issue and the Like A Girl anthology from Lucid Moose Press. The latter included her poem Shedding which was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Keavya!Keayva Mitchell

Keayva Mitchell is a twenty-four year old currently living in a shady part of Long Beach. Depending on what day you ask, she hails from Los Angeles, Florida, New York summers, or Hogwarts. Some of her favorite poets include Terrence Hayes, Cristin O’Keefe-Aptowicz, and Rachel McKibbens. Keayva has slowly and awkwardly imbedded herself in the Long Beach poetry/music/art scene and has no plans to leave it any time soon. Talk to her about music, astrophysics, reincarnation, or pie and she’ll be your best friend. Every poem she writes is a love poem (but don’t let her in on that secret. She’ll figure it out one day).