June 21st, 2017: Marcus Omari

SmoooothRAW Orange County Host (2012 Performance artist of the Year) … Poet, Writer, & Spoken Wordsmith Marcus Omari was born & raised in Racine, WI. before eventually settling in San Diego, CA. Immersed in the emerging Southern California slam poetry scene, Omari became a founding member of the San Diego Slam Poetry Team before moving to The OC! Since then, Marcus has performed on stages from Chicago to San Francisco, London to Rio de Janeiro sharing the stage with notables like Sonya Renee, Jeffery McDaniel, Patricia Smith, and legendary Slam Papi himself Marc Smith.

Now, a critically acclaimed purveyor of verse and six-time National Speech and Debate Award winner, Omari has been a featured poet on Lexus presents VERSES & FLOW on TV One, spit verse on MTV, authored and published several chapbooks, toured college campus nation wide as a featured poet BUT most important... As founder of the literary performance arts collective Poetic Reform Party, Omari works with a team of dedicated artists to promote, host and perform for various literary events in Southern California including developing after school creative writing programs for group homes, half-way houses for women & the San Diego and Compton USD. Marcus is currently working on his third (& final chapbook) for his complete poetry manuscript, while serving as a regular contributor to The Session on-line magazine, and co-host the Washington DC based monthly internet radio show Poets & Convos. Marcus is truly a natural born and hard working artist.