February 7th, 2018: Cindy Rinne

Cindy Rinne smBREATHE IN DAISY, BREATHE OUT STONES (2017) is Cindy Rinne’s third full collection of
surreal poems. The poet-artist invites us into an introspective space, calling us to look outward through
the lens of beauty and suffering. She explores the fragility of our words, our bodies, our lives, and our
death. Whether unearthing a carved oracle bone, listening to a night messenger, or walking on stilts, the
experience of this poetry is fluid and raw. Through the emotions of loss, acceptance, forgiveness,
relationships, courage, destiny, and love the identities of many cultures and seasons of life are portrayed.

Listen to the Codex RinneLISTEN TO THE CODEX (2017)
The twenty-eight poems in this collection stitch a tale that interlaces ancient mythology with
science fiction. The story we embark upon in these pages is one that is particularly feminine.
Skillfully woven together, we encounter figures both mystical and ordinary, ranging from Native
tribes and Zen practices to a futuristic self-healing robot. These poems bring together several
disparate narrative threads and from them, reconcile an intricate whole.
MOON OF MANY PETALS (2018) is Cindy Rinne’s second novel in verse based in Manazanar, CA and
Sendai, Japan. Over 30 full-color images of her fiber art illustrate the story.
Ancient Arts
That day my father,
Takumi, painted deer
and plum design
with ink on kimono silk.
His hand steady,
he was determined
to practice the Yuzen
dyeing method
in America
while my mother, Mio,
embroidered in gold.
Cindy Rinne’s book, Moon of Many Petals, transports the reader to the bitter days and lonely nights of
Manzanar. Her research and attention to detail serve to create mystical, yet earthy, vignettes of a family
that has been torn from the sea that they love, and forced into a harsh and unforgiving captivity that never
fully sets them free. I will share this powerful book with my students, and read it over and over again for
myself. - Diane Adams, author of Love Is

front cover smBIO
Cindy Rinne creates art and writes in San Bernardino, CA. She brings myth to life in contemporary
context. Cindy is the author of Moon of Many Petals (Cholla Needles Press), Listen to the Codex (Yak
Press), Breathe In Daisy, Breathe Out Stones (FutureCycle Press), Quiet Lantern (Turning Point), spider
with wings (Jamii Publishing), and she co-authored Speaking Through Sediment with Michael Cooper
(ELJ Publications). Cindy is a founding member of PoetrIE, an Inland Empire based literary community
and a finalist for the 2016 Hillary Gravendyk Prize poetry book competition. Her poems appeared or are
forthcoming in: Birds Piled Loosely, CircleShow, Home Planet News, Outlook Springs, The Wild Word
(Berlin), Storyscape Journal, Cholla Needles, and others. www.fiberverse.com