March 28th, 2018: Matt Rouse & Family!

rouseATTACK OF THE FAMILY NIGHT: the Rouse Family invites you to a unique evening of song, spoken word and comedy. Children of all ages are welcome (even Ben Trigg). Because what this poetry reading needs is a time out!!! The Rouse family is: Lois (age 10): collector of goofy faces, basketball star, the Secretary of Funny Walks, autograph seeker, asker of many questions, hair aficionado, hairbrush-phobic, Bonnie(age 9): fashionista, philosopher, dog hugger, head chef, doodler on car windows, heckler, Daddy(Matt Rouse); designated driver, under-qualified, clearly outnumbered, part time Jedi spirit, ender of watches, loser of keys, master omelet maker, amateur poet.